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    It all started in Italy back in the early 80’s, when wearing a vintage Daytona or an early Oyster, was a style statement at the cost of just a few hundred dollars. Over the years, pioneers as Mr. Osvaldo Patrizzi and his Antiquorum auction house, envolved an international partere of customers who recognized the growth potential. In april 1989, the first thematic auction followed, called ”The Art of Patek Philippe”.
    Young, unstable and dangerous as it was, it has now grown into a worldwide reality made of auction-houses, collectors, traders and prominent investors. A big global market yes, but it's important to remember that it still is a very young market of 30 to 35 years and it started consolidating only recently.

    The web has given a huge push to growth over the past ten years. Next to the European and American traditional collectors, more and more Asian players have joined. All have understood the privilege and potential of owning a unique masterpiece. A rare opportunity that might never happen again.

    As in other collector’s markets, such as art or vintage cars, there is the risk of dealing with people who lack the knowledge, experience and unfortunately sometimes the integrity to advice properly. It takes decades of studying thousand of watches while building a reliable network and investing serious capital to gain the insight and expertise needed to offer the level of advice that serious collectors and investors expect today.

    Planning and sourcing a collection of time-pieces that the collector likes, for the funds he feels comfortable to invest over a given period of years, needs a lot of knowledge, expertise, passion and full mutual understanding and trust between the curator and collector-investor. The final choice of time-pieces depends on, of course the brand and model, but more importantly, the condition. Small quality differences can seriously influence price, but will have a significantly different outcome after several years. The collection build-up and quality cost relation on the one hand and expertise in managing this relation over time, while collaborating with worldwide traders, auction houses and collectors on the other, are what it is all about. The trust and growth we created together was and is vital and has given us and our clients great successes and enjoyment over the past 30 years.