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All Trunks Available

All Trunks Available

Discover the allure of travel through time with our Vintage Trunk Collection, featuring iconic pieces from Goyard, Louis Vuitton, Moynat and more. Bernardini Milano brings together a selection of exquisite trunks, each bearing the marks of craftsmanship and heritage that have defined luxury travel for centuries. These storied pieces not only served as indispensable companions on grand voyages but also as timeless symbols of elegance and adventure. Explore this collection to own a piece of history, where functionality meets artistry in the world of luxury travel.

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Louis Vuitton Steamer Trunk
Louis Vuitton Steamer Trunk Sale price€0.00
Louis Vuitton "hanger" Steamer Trunk - Commande Special
Louis Vuitton Tissée Oversize Trunk
Edison Oversize Steamer Trunk
Moynat Steamer Trunk
Moynat Steamer Trunk Sale price€0.00
Vintage Malle J.D.P. Steamer Trunk
Vintage Oversize Steamer Trunk
Louis Vuitton Rayee Steamer Trunk
Louis Vuitton Vuittonite Cabine Trun
Bigot Damier Steamer Trunk
Bigot Damier Steamer Trunk Sale price€0.00
Goyard Vertical Wardrobe Trunk
Louis Vuitton - Rabec Rayee Trunk
Louis Vuitton Malle Idéale
Louis Vuitton Malle Idéale Sale price€0.00
Fratelli Prada Steamer Trunk
Louis Vuitton Car Trunk
Louis Vuitton Car Trunk Sale price€0.00
Louis Vuitton "Stokowski" desk trunk
Goyard double-door Wardrobe Trunk
Goyard Over-Size Wardrobe Trunk
Goyard Cubic Hat-Box Trunk
Goyard Cubic Hat-Box Trunk Sale price€0.00
Louis Vuitton Wardrobe Trunk
Goyard Small Shoes Trunk
Goyard Small Shoes Trunk Sale price€0.00
Louis Vuitton Hat Box
Louis Vuitton Hat Box Sale price€0.00
Moynat travel trunk
Moynat travel trunk Sale price€0.00
Vintage Hat Box
Vintage Hat Box Sale price€0.00

The Trunk Collection

Vintage Louis Vuitton vintage canvas

Dive into the rich history and exquisite craftsmanship of our vintage trunks, featuring celebrated brands like Louis Vuitton, Goyard, and Moynat. Each trunk in our collection showcases unique designs and stories from the golden age of travel, blending luxurious aesthetics with practical durability. Notable pieces include Louis Vuitton's monogrammed trunks, Goyard's custom-painted chests, and Moynat's precision-engineered luggage, all curated to captivate collectors and decor aficionados alike.

These vintage trunks are more than just storage solutions; they are works of art that bring a historical narrative into modern spaces. Ideal for use as innovative coffee tables or eye-catching statement pieces, each trunk adds a layer of sophistication and history to your interior decor. Explore our collection and choose a vintage trunk that not only complements your style but also enriches your home or office with a story of luxurious past adventures.