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Welcome to our Barware collection, a celebration of timeless elegance and the art of entertaining. Bernardini Milano brings together an exceptional selection of vintage pieces. Our collection features elegant decanters, iconic cocktail shakers, and much more, each piece chosen for its blend of functionality and style. Whether you're crafting the perfect cocktail or simply admiring these pieces as part of your decor, they promise to add a touch of sophistication to your gatherings. Discover the ideal complement to your entertaining repertoire, where each item not only serves a purpose but also tells a story of refined taste and memorable moments.

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Moynat Tea Set Mini Trunk
Moynat Tea Set Mini Trunk Sale price€0.00
Hermès Bottle opener “Cordage”
Mid-Century Crystal Liquor Decanter Bottle with silver detail
Couple of Victorian liquor bottles - 1900
Set of 12 “Cordials” liquor  Tiffany&Co. 1910
Vintage Gucci Bottle Opener
Vintage Gucci Bottle Opener Sale price€0.00
Boat Decanter
Boat Decanter Sale price€0.00
Colorful Victorian Crystal Liquor Decanter Bottle set

The Vintage Barware Collection

Bernardini Milano vertical large size bar and humidor trunk. - detail

Delight in the elegance and charm of our handpicked vintage barware collection, perfect for enhancing your home entertaining experience. Each piece in our selection boasts a rich history and exquisite craftsmanship that can transform any gathering into an event. From classic cocktail shakers and elegant decanters to unique glasses and serving accessories, our vintage barware encapsulates the glamour and sophistication of bygone eras. Discover items crafted from fine materials like crystal, silver, and etched glass, each chosen for its beauty and functionality.

Vintage barware collection at bernardini milano

Our vintage barware collection is not just about utility but also about bringing a piece of history into your celebrations. These pieces are ideal for collectors and enthusiasts who appreciate the art of cocktail-making and the aesthetic of the past. Whether you’re hosting a formal dinner party or a casual gathering, our barware adds a touch of class and distinction that will impress your guests. Each item in our collection reflects the traditions and styles of the times they were made, providing not only a functional tool but also a decorative piece that sparks conversation and admiration.