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Colorful Victorian Crystal Liquor Decanter Bottle set

€ 350 Each

This Crystal Liquor Decanter Bottle set from Victorian age perfectly embodies the luxurious and sophisticated essence of that period. It’s a shining display of color and elegance made with the finest crystals and adorned with intricate patterns. Only for the most raffinate tastes! What’s even more intriguing about these masterpieces are their vivid colors; from rich emerald green to deep ruby red and sparkling blue, each one is made by masters of glasswork. Besides their stunning colors, also their unique design stands out.

These Decanters perfectly represents the craftsmanship and attention to detail that defined the Victorian era. With their elegant silhouettes, they manifest a sense of refinement and sophistication that is truly timeless. More than just accessories, these set is the symbol of a never-ending allure. Besides it’s always the right moment to embrace the finest thing in life, and that’s the perfect item!