Bernardini Milano Privacy Policy - GDPR

To all our clients, passionate collectors and luxury vintage lovers,

In the field of high luxury merchandise, as vintage watches and luxury vintage objects, the customer relationship and respect for privacy is essential. It has been our credo for 33 years in dealing with the worlds prime clientele.

The new GDPR law protecting your privacy and your data is therefore a normal consequence of doing business for Bernardini Milano.

Please know that we have fully adapted to these new EU regulations.

We do however have to ask you whether you appreciate being contacted on rare occasions when we see a time-piece or luxury vintage object that might be of interest for you based on your personal interest or whether you prefer for us to cancel your account info and email.

In this case select the below choice



For Clients that have bought from Bernardini Milano, we have to inform you that your contact data 

and details regarding your data, the payment data and items bought, have to stay in our database for 10 years due to Italian government regulations and laws

We ask you to please read our Privacy policy regarding information we keep and how we use it.

Please also read the privacy and cooky policy Shopify which is our website host. They collect data independent from Bernardini

Trusting to welcome you soon again in our stores & website, we remain with,

Sincere regards,

Bernardini Milano

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