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Trolleys & Coffee Tables

Trolleys & Coffee Tables

Discover a world of functional elegance with our vintage collection of Trolleys & Coffee Tables, featuring select pieces designed by the renowned Cesare Lacca. Bernardini Milano carefully curates items that marry form and function, from sophisticated serving trolleys to statement coffee tables, each with a story to tell. These pieces, chosen for their unique character and craftsmanship, effortlessly complement any refined living space, making every gathering a sophisticated affair.

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Two layer bar cart metal chrome
Two layer bar cart Sale price€0.00
Layered glass bar cart
Layered glass bar cart Sale price€0.00
Wood and glass round coffee table
Round wood coffee table
Round Wood Coffee Table Sale price€0.00
Rounded Wood Coffee Table
Wood Coffee Table Sale price€0.00
Three Layer wood cart
Wood Layered Bar Cart
Wood Layered Bar Cart Sale price€0.00
Rectangular Metal bar cart with black fumè glass
Wood Bar Cart
Wood Bar Cart Sale price€0.00
Wood Storage Cart
Wood Storage Cart Sale price€0.00
Black Wood Bar Cart
Wood Bar Cart Sale price€0.00
Walnut Coffee Table
Walnut Coffee Table Sale price€0.00
Gold brass Bar Cart with Coach wheels
Gold brass Bar Cart with Coach wheels - 1950
Brass and wood rectangular bar cart designed by Cesare Lacca - 1960
Gold Brass rectangular bar cart, italian design - 1950
Products Carrello ovale in ottone dorato modello Galleria - 1960 - "Gallery" design oval gold brass Bar Cart
Gold Brass Rectangular bar cart with two glass layers -1930
Walnut Coffee Table - 1940
Walnut Coffee Table - 1940 Sale price€0.00
Carrello rettangolare cromato con piani in vetro fumè - 1980 - Rectangular Metal chrome with black fumè glass0
Carrello contenitore in noce - 1930 - Walnut Storage Cart
Walnut Storage Cart - 1930 Sale price€0.00

The Trolleys & Coffee Tables Collection

Gold brass Bar Cart with Coach wheels

Discover the charm and functionality of our curated collection of vintage trolley and coffee tables. Each piece in our selection tells a unique story, blending historical elegance with practical design. From ornate trolleys that once graced the corridors of grand hotels to rustic coffee tables that have been the centerpiece of living rooms for decades, our collection offers diverse styles to suit any décor. These tables are not just furniture, but conversation starters, each with a distinctive past and beautifully aged features.

Two layer bar cart

Transform your living space or office with a piece from our vintage trolley and coffee table collection. These pieces are perfect for adding a touch of vintage flair to your interior design, serving both as practical furniture and decorative artifacts. Whether you're looking for an industrial-style trolley to use as a bar cart or a classic wooden coffee table to anchor your seating area, our selection offers versatility and character. Enhance your décor with a functional piece of history that doubles as a focal point in any room.