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Wood Storage Cart

€ 1 400

This sophisticated bar cart, lovingly made from walnut wood and adorned with an original chromed metal handle, stands as a symbol of a bygone refinement and taste.
Now, let's go deeper into such a charming accessory. Behold, several hidden compartment, cleverly disguised behind flip-open wood shutters, perfect to stash all your cocktail shakers and fancy bar tools.
To sum up, this masterpiece is not merely a bar cart—it is the item you can miss during you’re your soirées.

Vintage Trolleys Collection

Vintage gold brass trolley

From the early 1900s to today, an elegant residence could not and cannot fail to have a corner dedicated to reading, relaxing or meeting up with your friends and guests, accompanied by a good wine, champagne, liqueur and maybe even a good cigar.
The Bernardini collection dedicated to vintage service trolleys is born from this old tradition and has inspired our research not only in Italy but also around the world, giving life to a set of furnishing elements of styles and materials that are absolutely compatible with the ideal of todays homes.