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Max Bernardini holding glasses

MAX Bernardini

The founder


In 1986, at just 17 years old, Max Bernardini attended his first auction, an event that dramatically shifted his life's trajectory. Encouraged by his father, Franco, an experienced collector and dealer, Max entered the world of vintage watches, a niche market in Italy at the time. His fluency in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and French enabled him to scour the globe, from Argentina to India, seeking rare and exquisite timepieces during prosperous eras of the 20th century.

Over the years, Max weathered global crises—from the Gulf War in 1991 to the financial meltdown of 2008—and watched as his hobby evolved into a structured market. Vintage watches became recognized not just as collectibles but as alternative investments akin to art, rare cars, and fine jewelry.

Taking over the family business in 2004 and expanding into Asia in 2014, Max focused particularly on Patek Philippe's Ref. 1518, a model he passionately collected. His store, established for over four decades in Milan, was honored as an "Attività Storica," a testament to its enduring presence and impact.

Today, Max Bernardini continues to share his expertise and enthusiasm with a new generation of collectors, supported by a dedicated team of professionals, making every client's journey into the world of vintage watches a priority.

It's about uniqueness

Patek Philippe ref 1518 watch
Patek Philippe ref. 1463 in yellow gold breguet numbers watch
Patek Philippe ref 1415 world time in rose gold
Max Bernardini at Dubai watch week 2023

Max's Talks


During his career, Max attended many conferences, both private and public, worldwide. Sharing and spreading knowledge on such a specific topic like vintage timepieces and their history inspires collectors to expand their collections into new territories.

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Max Bernardini handles very unique timepieces hence why we can't accomodate every request. Your form will be reviewed by our team and we will get back to you with a follow up.