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Moynat Tea Set Mini Trunk

€ 3 500

Already in the distant 1870s, Moynat was the first to introduce the wicker trunk, later known as the "English trunk" or "Moynat trunk", a lightweight structure composed of a wicker frame, covered with varnished canvas and leather trimmings. Weighing just two kilograms, it was highly sought after by travelers eager to avoid excess baggage fees. And it was a success. Thus came the first travel trunks and cases, suitable for every special occasion. 

Unique pieces, like this particular tea set, complete with porcelain cups, a teapot with a stove, accompanied by a spice box, and linen napkins. A true gem of French craftsmanship, a refined and sought-after piece to enhance the outdoor moments of sophisticated and demanding clients.


Period: 1920 circa

Dimensions: 29x 18 x 17 cm (WxDxH)