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Article: Rolex 6238 ”Pre-Daytona” The Precedent

Rolex 6238 ”Pre-Daytona” The Precedent

Rolex 6238 ”Pre-Daytona” The Precedent

Precedent, the one that came before. The chronograph that came prior, in the sense of general functionality, mechanical approach and aesthetic . The reason for this legendary name came as such; as the immediate predecessor of reference 6239 which is granted the title of first Cosmograph Daytona released by Rolex. As a result many collectors agreed amongst themselves that it shall forever be known as the "Pre-Daytona”. Even though all “oyster” chronographs precedent to the Daytona are considered “pre-Daytona”, reference 6238 is THE ONE! It’s the last model of chronos bearing the tachometer scale printed on the dial.
Produced in the early 60’s until 1967 in 3590 examples in steel, 150 in 18kt. yellow gold and 225 examples in 14kt. or the American market.

Rolex 6238 - on the right silvered dial on the left grey dial "Fuerza Aerea del Perù"

Distinguishing features of the 6238 was the use of the Oyster case, smooth bezel and the pump pushers, the graduated tachymeter scale printed on the dial , Valjoux  calibre as the movment. The present two examples has “T-SWISS-T", indicating that tritium was used for the luminous hands and hour pointers. This was enforce in the 1963 to discern from the usage of radium, as this was a cause for concern due to the radioactive material. Starting its production in 1961, it stays in the Rolex catalogue until 1968, with an estimate of examples produced was in the range of 2000-3000 pieces in steel.

Chosen by design, the watch carries itself as a sporty character and a hint of classics attached. On the wrist it looks and feel important without being too flashy. The sunburst finished dial in the of silvered dark grey colour is particularly rare, and referred to as the “cadran soleil argen”.

Rolex 6238 - "Fuerza Aerea del Perù"

To the delight of collectors aspiring to hunt for something special but not for others to know, the beautiful crispy deep marking of the distinguished “FUERZA AEREA DEL PERU” stamped on the case back is kept secret until ‘you’, who choose ‘those’ to be in on the “know”; will surely be in awe.

Speaking to the degree of rarity this is considered to be the upper echelons of vintage watch collecting, although rare it's much lesser known to the general public. We are pleased to introduce you a thrilling story, it is believed that in the early 1960s the Peruvian Air Force commissioned Rolex with the task to supply watches for their personnel and flight officers. These often-included Cosmograph Daytona models however in this particular case the 6238 reference was included as well as the 1680. To identify this collaboration the outside case back was engraved with the signature of “FUERZA AEREA DEL PERU”, this renderer the fact only the owner and the wearer of the watch knows this watch is special for more than reasons other people expect. With the research I have done there is suspected to be only 1000 pieces delivered to the FAP from the 1960s to the 1980s. Only a handful survived the test of time and is in good condition. For discerning connoisseurs of Rolex watches I think if you admire the story and the background of these historic timepiece then this might be a match made in heaven. But what is life without options, sometimes less is more and the plane jane might just be enough.

Discover more about our Rolex 6238 "Fuerza Aerea Perù" 

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