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Audemars Piguet Ref. 5379 Ellipse

Sold under the margin scheme

This Audemars Piguet Ref 5379 Ellipse epitomizes elegance and exclusivity, framed within a meticulously crafted 18 kt white gold oval case. Composed of two refined sections, it features a snap-on back and a smoothly integrated crown that maintain the sleek, continuous line of the design. Uniquely, it boasts an original white gold bracelet, directly linked to the case, which enhances both comfort and style. The flat bezel surrounds an exquisitely elegant blue dial, creating a stunning visual contrast. Highlighted with applied diamond indexes and a discreet date display, this watch combines luxury with functionality. The Audemars Piguet Ref 5379 Elisse is a remarkable expression of refined taste and sophisticated watchmaking, ideal for those who seek timeless beauty and precision craftsmanship in their timepiece.

The watch is accompanied by our certificate of authenticity and legitimate provenance

Technical Card

Brand: Audemars Piguet

Reference: 5379

Material: White Gold

Movement: Self winding Cal B 2121

Model: Ellipse

Series: N/A

Year: 1960

Function: Time & Date

Case Diameter: 34 mm

Case Thickness: 6 mm

Bracelet: White Gold Bracelet

Conditions: Stunning

Elegant blue color dial, applied diamonds indexes and white gold baton hands. Window for the date at three o clock.

Audemars Piguet

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak

Audemars Piguet, a genuine paragon of audacious advancement and timeless craftsmanship within the watchmaking domain, stands as an symbol of cool modernity. Established in 1875, this Swiss luxury brand has ceaselessly disturbed horological standards, presenting avant-garde plans and pushing the boundaries of mechanical inventiveness. The venturesome Regal Oak, conceived in 1972, re-imagined extravagance sports observes with its striking octagonal bezel and coordinates bracelet, immediately getting to be an insignia of present day horology.

Audemars Piguet Royal  Oak

Audemars Piguet's commitment to handcraftsmanship and consideration to detail is exemplified in each timepiece, where convention meets a defiant soul. The brand's cool figure expands past the wrist, with collaborations in modern craftsmanship and sports, cementing its status as a trailblazer within the world of haute horlogerie. From the smooth lines of the Regal Oak to the complex complexities of the Millenary collection, Audemars Piguet epitomizes a cool, avant-garde tastefulness that rises above time.

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