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Jewelry Holder Bernardini Milano

Price on Request

Its smaller size makes it funny and, if possible, even more exclusive when you decide to fill its drawers with your favourite and finest jewels. The color combianation gives the object a delicate soul, giving you the possibility to fully focus into a moment dedicated to beauty and elegance. This superbe handmade piece comes with a removable cushion-tray and 4 different drawers equipped with a ring holder and a necklace holder. Be the best version of yourself appreciating your jewelry in this precious holder.

The Contemporary Heritage Collection

Bernardini Milano Trunk collection

For more than 40 years, we have assisted fine collectors in the delicate process of researching and selecting rare in uniqueness. Elegance is not a privilege, it is a responsibility.
Following the path of our heritage, we have the privilege of presenting our : Contemporary Heritage Collection.

Artisans working for bernardini Milano products

In our endless pursuit to satisfy the desires of our sophisticated worldwide clientele, we have combined our Italian centennial artisan ship with a discrete yet modern design of a quality not only to be seen but to be felt.