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Murano Glass green and black Lamp - 1970

€ 950

The BERNARDINI Murano vintage collection, when light is synonymous with tradition, style and italian passion.

The Bernardini "Murano vintage collection" Our collection of recreated vintage Murano lamps, transfers you into a whole new journey where you are invited  to "admire" the light through an exclusive selection of unique floor and table lamps. “The magic of light” is the creation of a young Venetian artist passionate with glass, with his traditions in Venetian roots while at the same time modern and attentive to new design. Created and assembled especially for Bernardini and our clientele. A study in color, shape and redesign leads to a new build with the vintage murano parts re-assembled again, creating magical new models and styles. Its from this "re-utilisation" of some of the beautiful Murano lights of the a 1950s elegant bases of abat-jours are born coupled with modern silk lampshades. Each piece has its own originality, character and defined style ready to be added to today’s interiors. In this collection you’ll find not only the creativity and courageous Italian artistry of our history  But the tradition expertise and passion of  our “made in Italy”.

Murano Lamps

Murano lamp vintage

Step into the radiant world of our vintage Murano lamp collection, where each piece showcases the renowned artistry of Venetian glassmakers. These lamps are celebrated for their vibrant colors and intricate designs, characteristics that define the Murano glass-making tradition since the 13th century. From elegant table lamps to striking pendant lights, our selection features a variety of styles and sizes, each handcrafted to not only illuminate but also enhance the aesthetic of any room.

Lampada da tavolo Anelli in vetro di Murano - 1970 - Murano Glass "Quoits" Lamp

Our collection of Murano lamps offers more than just lighting; they provide a piece of Italian craftsmanship that stands out as a focal point in any interior setting. Whether you’re redecorating your home or looking to add some opulence to your office, these lamps offer timeless elegance and a splash of color that can brighten any space. Perfect for those who appreciate art and history, each lamp in our collection brings with it a story of traditional techniques passed down through generations, ensuring that you own not just a lamp, but a piece of cultural heritage.