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Omega ref. 2914 - 5 Railmaster "Lollipop"

€ 17 500
Sold under the margin scheme

The Omega Ref. 2914-5 Railmaster "Lollipop" is an extraordinary timepiece, representing one of the rarest first-series Railmasters in exceptional condition. Its robust, water-resistant stainless steel case, crafted in a two-part "Monoblocco" design, features a screw-back and crown, which enhance its durability and resilience. The watch showcases a beautiful black dial, illuminated by tritium indexes and hands that ensure legibility under all conditions. Notably, it includes the distinctive "Lollipop" second hand, an iconic feature that adds a playful yet refined touch to this historically significant model.

The watch is accompanied by our certificate of authenticity and legitimate provenance

Technical Card

Brand: Omega

Reference: 2914-5

Material: Stainless Steel

Movement: Self winding Cal. 284

Model: Railmaster

Series: Lollipop

Year: 1960

Function: Time Only

Case Diameter: 38 mm

Case Thickness: 12 mm

Bracelet: Strap

Conditions: Stunning

original black dial, triangle shaped tritium indexes and steel tritium "Dauphine" hands. Lollipop centre seconds. amazing patina on the dial.

The Omega

Omega Ref. OT 2393

Omega has traveled through time with this spirit to reach unmatchable levels. Whether from oceanic deep abysses or those of space, it has been proved that Omega watches assure reliability and performance even under the most testing environments, placing the brand at an esteemed pedestal in the annals of watchmaking.

The history of the brand is nothing else but great and added to only by milestones such as that of the Speedmaster, whose status through legends calls it the "Moonwatch," and the known durability manifested through the Seamaster, epitomizing the adventurous spirit of Omega. The Constellation line represents Omega's commitment to elegance and excellence in watch design.

Omega Ref. OT 2393 yellow gold on the wrist

To own an Omega watch is to own a heritage rich with acclaim for the prowess of technology, making a statement of taste and sophistication. Whether it is the classic and elegance of the De Ville, the strength of the Seamaster, the historical importance that can be carried within a Speedmaster, or even the luxury and perfect design that can be realized by a Constellation, an Omega watch is capable of representing a volume of a way, but in that regard, it is able to represent the pinnacle of timekeeping and also appreciation in the wear of his own right.

For during your exploration of our collection of Omega, you are taken on a journey through a legacy of perfection where every piece of time is one chapter in the storied history of Omega, created not just to show the time but to tell the story of innovation, adventure, and elegance.

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