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Pair of Antique Candlesticks Queen Anne style in old sheffield

€ 820

This pair of Antique Candlesticks, dating to the late Victorian period, perfectly embody the exquisite Queen Anne style, characterized by its elegance, simplicity, and delicate proportions. Their refined silhouette and shape exemplify these qualities perfectly. Moreover, they are covered with Old Sheffield silver, the perfect finishing to add a unique glimmer. Their peculiar mechanism, known as the "bayonet," allows for two different settings of height. This innovative feature not only adds practicality to their charm but also showcases the ingenuity of Victorian-era engineering.

The smooth surfaces mirrors the skill and artistry that went into their creation. Each detail is executed with precision and care, from the intricate scrollwork that adorns the base to the delicate motifs that dance across the stem. Summarize, these Antique Candlesticks are not just objects, they are carrier of a sense of nostalgia and wonder wherever you decide to collocate them. Pure treasures from a bygone era!