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Patek Philippe Ref. 1486 Carrè Rose Gold "Brevet Imperméable"

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Experience the elegance of the Patek Philippe Ref. 1486 Carrè Rose Gold "Brevet Imperméable", a remarkable testament to the brand's heritage of precision and luxury. This exquisite timepiece features a distinctive square rose gold case and a classic dial, complemented by refined gold indices. Known for its "Brevet Imperméable" mark, indicating advanced water-resistant capabilities for its era, the Ref. 1486 is powered by a precision manual winding movement. A rare find, this watch is highly sought after by collectors and connoisseurs of vintage luxury, making it a treasured addition to any sophisticated ensemble.

Besides its original box and papers, this watch comes with our certificate of authenticity and legitimate provenance. 

Technical Card

Brand: Patek Philippe

Reference: 1486

Material: Rose Gold

Movement: Manual winding

Model: Brevet Impermeable

Series: N/A

Year: 1940 ca

Function: Time

Case Diameter: N/A

Case Thickness: N/A

Bracelet: Strap

Conditions: Very Good

argentè, black graphics with applied romans indexes and baton hands, subsidiary seconds at 6 o'clock.

Brevet Impermeable

Patek Philippe watch carrè rose gold Brevet Impermeable

The "Brevet Impermeable" may be a significant designation associated with early Patek Philippe watches, highlighting the brand's commitment to water resistance. This term interprets to "patent waterproof" in English, and it indicates Patek Philippe's pioneering endeavors to make timepieces able of withstanding exposure to moisture. Dating back to the early to mid-20th century, Patek Philippe presented different advancements and licensed advances to improve the water resistance of their observes.

Whereas the particular highlights may vary over diverse models, the "Brevet Impermeable" assignment means a point of reference within the brand's commitment to both exactness designing and solidness, reflecting the era's developing intrigued in making observes appropriate for a assortment of situations, counting seagoing settings. These vintage timepieces with the "Brevet Impermeable" assignment hold a extraordinary place in Patek Philippe's history, exhibiting their ceaseless interest of fabulousness in horology.

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