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Rolex 2508 "Sector Dial"



Back in the early 40's this watch was conceived as a tool. The "sector" graphics of the dial had basically a practical purpose. This example clearly shows us how, with just a glance, our visual perception is guided to read the different reading "Sectors".
Starting from the outer Telemetric Scale in blue, then a rose galvanic ring which, with a change of tone, introduces to the 60 minute scale. With a fourth change of tone, we have the hours displayed in a thick black ring which connects the hour markers. At last, a concentric snail scale in blue. Hands match the blue/black aesthetics of the dial.

The result is simply stunning! I have a special thing about this graphic, about this period, and mostly, about the understated uniqueness of objects conceived eighty years ago and still so incredibly avant-garde. The large flat bezel, and the mint case condition expands the perceived dimension of it's 38 mm diameter and the original glass crystal gives it an incredible light.

In my opinion this is an extraordinary example of vintage Rolex chronograph that can satisfy even the most demanding collector.


Max Bernardini