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Universal Genève Ref. 21311 Calendar

€ 4 000
Sold under the margin scheme

Explore the allure of the Universal Genève Ref. 21311, a very attractive stainless steel timepiece featuring a triple calendar and moon phases. This exquisite watch boasts a circular-shaped, three-part case with a snap-on back and crown. Its beautiful argenté dial, adorned with mirrored Arabic numeral indexes and elegant "Feuille" steel hands, radiates sophistication and elegance. This Universal Genève model combines functional complexity with timeless design, making it a standout piece for those who appreciate the integration of artistry and horological craftsmanship.

The watch is accompanied by our certificate of authenticity and legitimate provenance

Technical Card

Brand: Universal Geneve

Reference: 21311

Material: Stainless Steel

Movement: Manual winding Cal. 291

Model: Triple Calendar

Series: N/A

Year: 1940

Function: Triple Calendar and Moon phases

Case Diameter: 35mm

Case Thickness: 6mm

Bracelet: Strap

Conditions: Very Good

Beautiful argentè color with the window for the day and moon phases, date at three o clock and month at six o clock. stainless steel "Feuille" hands.

The Calendar Triple Date

Universal Genève Triple Calendar date vintage watch

Universal Genève has a rich history of producing exceptional calendars in their timepieces. One notable illustration is the Universal Genève Calendar triple date and moonphase, a series of watches famed for their perfection and elegant display of timetable information.

These watches aren't only respected for their specialized capabilities but also for their exquisite craftsmanship and timeless design. Whether crafted in stainless steel or precious metals, Universal Genève Calendar watches have come soughtafter collector's particulars, reflecting the brand's commitment to quality and innovation throughout its storied history.