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Universal Genève Ref. 12258 special lugs

€ 10 000
Sold under the margin scheme

Introducing the Universal Genève Ref. 12258, an unusual and exquisite timepiece crafted from 18 kt rose gold. This watch features a specially designed case characterized by bold, large lugs and a circular two-part construction, complete with a snap-on back and crown. The squared-shaped pushers enhance its chronograph functionality, while the white dial, adorned with "Arabic" indexes and rose gold hands, offers a classic and elegant appearance. This unique combination of design elements makes the Ref. 12258 a standout piece, showcasing Universal Genève's commitment to luxury and precision in watchmaking.

The watch is accompanied by our certificate of authenticity and legitimate provenance

Technical Card

Brand: Universal Genève

Reference: 12258

Material: Rose Gold

Movement: Manual winding Cal. 283

Model: Compax

Series: N/A

Year: 1944

Function: Chronograph

Case Diameter: 34mm

Case Thickness: 8mm

Bracelet: Strap

Conditions: Very Good

Original white color dial , "Arabics" mirrored indexes and rose gold "Feuille" hands, three counters, black graphics and outer Tachimeter in blu.

The Compax

Universal genève compax wrist watch argente

The Universal Genève Compax is a notorious timepiece that has cleared out an indelible mark on the world of watchmaking. Loved for its classic design, precision, and usefulness, the Compax series represents the apex of Universal Genève's horological expertise.

The Compax series is famous for its versatile design case and different graphics of dials, making it appropriate for both formal events and regular wear. The combination of immortal design, functional greatness, and historical significance makes the Universal Genève Compax a sought-after collector's item, capturing the essence of a bygone period in watchmaking.