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Universal Genève Ref. 52218 Tri Compax "Mustard" dial

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Experience the elegance of the Universal Geneve Ref. 52218, a special and attractive timepiece featuring a triple calendar and moon phases chronograph, all encased in 14 kt rose gold. Crafted in the 1950s in limited quantities, this watch boasts a circular case in three parts, a snap-on back and crown, and squared-shaped pushers for the chronograph functions. Its incredible "Mustard" color dial presents a rare and captivating configuration, making this watch a distinguished piece for collectors. This Universal Geneve chronograph is a testament to the brand's commitment to creating sophisticated and highly functional timepieces during a golden era of watchmaking. 

The watch is accompanied by our certificate of authenticity and legitimate provenance

Technical Card

Brand: Universal Genève

Reference: 52218

Material: Rose Gold

Movement: Manual winding Cal. 481

Model: Tri-Compax

Series: N/A

Year: 1950

Function: Triple Calendar, Moon Phases & Chronograph

Case Diameter: 36mm

Case Thickness: 9mm

Bracelet: Strap

Conditions: Very Good

Atractive and unique "Mustard" two tone color dial "Arabics" mirrored indexes in silver color, "dauphine" stell silvered hands, black graphics, three counters and window for the Month, day and Moon Phases. Centre second hand chronograph.

The Tri-Compax

Universal Genève tri-compax two-tone dial with perpetual calendar

As a vintage piece, the Universal Genève Tri Compax has become a soughtafter gem, reflecting the brand's legacy of creating iconic timepieces that transcend the boundaries of time. This watch stands as a symbol of a bygone era in watchmaking, where craftsmanship and design coalesce to create enduring works of art.

In the 1950’s this watch presented the most appreciated complications that could be found on a wristwatch, one of the complex watches available in that time.

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