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Vintage Gucci Cigar box

Watch out dear cigar aficionados: this Vintage Gucci Cigar Box, graced with the iconic bamboo motif and bearing the prestigious hallmark '478 FI Zolfanelli e Tarani Firenze S.a is gonna drive you mad! This item goas beyond just being a box for cigars, it stands for the ’80 style Let’s open it up: its meticulous design ensures that all of your prized cigars are kept in optimal condition, ready to be enjoyed whenever the mood strikes. A perfect mix-up of functionality and design: a unique item completely made in refined silver 800 , which guarantees a touch of glimmer to it. It becomes a must-have addition to every cigar collector. It's not just a box So, let your cigars rest in style and indulge in the luxury of our Vintage Gucci Cigar Box!