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Tissot Chronograph "33.3"

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Explore the uniqueness of this Tissot chronograph, featuring a prestigious Lemania movement. This distinctive timepiece boasts an oversized stainless steel design with a water-resistant, "Monoblocco" case, screw back, and rounded pushers, complemented by a sleek, anonymous stainless steel bracelet. The dial is a true masterpiece, presenting an incredible array of three color tones and a rare "Doré" graphic with three different scales, offering a blend of functionality and striking visual appeal. This Tissot chronograph with its Lemania movement is a testament to exquisite craftsmanship, appealing to those who appreciate rarity and sophisticated design in their timekeeping instruments.

The watch is accompanied by our certificate of authenticity and legitimate provenance

Technical Card

Brand: Tissot

Reference: N/A

Material: Stainless Steel

Movement: Manual winding Cal 33.3

Model: Chronograph

Series: N/A

Year: 1950

Function: Chronograph

Case Diameter: 38 mm

Case Thickness: 12 mm

Bracelet: Steel Bracelet

Conditions: Stunning

Unique and very rare configuration dial with multi-color "Dorè" graphics, "Arabics" numerals, two counters and three differents scale chronograph. Amazing beautiful full colors. Gold batons hands and centre seconds chronograph hand.


Tissot Vintage watch on a wrist

Tissot, a Swiss watch brand established in 1853, has set up itself as a stalwart within the world of available luxury timepieces. Known for its commitment to development and precision, Tissot has reliably delivered watches that wed progressed innovation with stylish design. With a assorted range of collections catering to different tastes and ways of life, Tissot offers to a wide gathering of people.

Tissot Vintage watch chronograph

The brand has been a pioneer in a few mechanical progressions, including the presentation of the primary massproduced pocket watch with two time zones in 1853 and the material innovation utilized within the T-Touch series. Tissot's notoriety for advertising dependable, high-quality observes at available cost points has contributed to its far reaching notoriety, making it a regarded title within the worldwide watch industry.